Support my Instagram work and buy printed photos.Thanks

06/10/15 15:36:55 | offer | Croatia
https://instagram.com/p/6w_OXFmRaO/ Hello visit my Instsgram profile and please share this link.I would like to sell printed version of my photos but i need better smartphone,used printer and used laptop.If You like my photo acnd wanna support my work,could you please send me small donation via M ... oneygram or Western union so i can buy things i need to print and sell my photos.. I will send you a few A4 printed photo and a personal "Thank you " postcard.Please mail me to facebook Mario Rubčić.. My profile photo is on Instagram,so you can find me on facebook.Please don't send private direct messages to Instagram cause i can't see it on my LG E400..

Price:£ 5

Location:Inner London - West


www link:https://instagram.com/p/6w_OXFmRaO/

Mario Rubčić

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